June 21, 2012

Big Outings

Tuesday, June 19

This was a really big day for the kiddos.  The older 3 got to experience their first visit to a real amusement park, Elitch Gardens.  Ted and Joel went with them, which worked out well since Tuesday was Uncle Joel's birthday!  Apparently they all had a great time, although Tobin got a bit nauseated on one of the upside-down and backwards roller coasters, but he LOVED the wooden coaster.  And Charis discovered she REALLY needs bigger shoes...her toes were rather pinched, especially after her shoes got soaked near a water ride.  But otherwise, I think they all enjoyed their outing.  Here are a few pics (to see more, you can view the Facebook album):

Joel and Charis waiting in line

Tobin and Arden being silly--how unusual!

Heeeeeeere it cooooooomes!

After the drenching!

Drying out while enjoying slushies
Meanwhile, Rhonda, Sarah, and I took the 5 little ones up to Tiny Town & Railroad in Estes Park.  The buildings are miniature replicas of all kinds of places, some famous and some that would be typical places from Colorado history.  Of course we had to ride the train!  Anders, Kenna, and Lucan were so excited to get into the caboose (NO ADULTS ALLOWED!), so Cade and Zaden got to ride with the grown-ups.  After the ride was over, we followed the path and explored the buildings until we came to the playground at the end of the road.  The kids played for awhile and then clamored for lunch, so we obliged, let them play some more, and then made our way back to the start.  It was the perfect amount of time for an outing with the younger set!  Here are a few pics; view the rest of them in the Facebook album:

Cade, Lucan, Anders, and Kenna

Cade, me, Rhonda, and Zaden

Grandma cuddles Zaden and Anders

Kenna by the church

Lucan...I don't remember which building this was!

Cade and Lucan explore the windmill
And here are a few pics from us hanging out around Grandma's condo later in the evening...there is a little boy, Logan, next door with whom Arden especially gets along, and a small playground on the other side of their condo where the little ones enjoy playing.  Check out our Kenna, rocking the monkey bars with her cast!

Logan and Arden

Lucan found a guitar!  He was singing a song about going down the slide. :-)

Nothing stops that girl!!

Logan and Arden were so kind while playing with the little guys!  Cade and Anders wanted to play baseball, too!

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