June 18, 2012

Day 2 of Driving

Friday, June 15

Friday morning was so much more relaxed than the day before!  Craig and Mimi cooked us a yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs with bacon, and we enjoyed a leisurely time of fellowship before loading up to hit the road again.

We changed the seating arrangement--and THIS was the key to a very happy road trip!

Middle row:  Charis, Zaden, Tobin
Back row:  Lucan, Arden, Kenna

Oh, my!  The difference was night and day!  Zaden was fussed over by big sibs who didn't think it a crime for him to suck his thumb and go to sleep.  And Arden, our tender-hearted boy who is so good with little ones, played with Kenna and Lucan pretty much all the way to Colorado.  I don't know what all they were pretending back there, but it involved all of their blankets and buddies and a fair amount of silly voices.  All I know is, it was a MUCH better day of driving!  We went about the same distance as the day before, but it only took us 10 hours.  Better traffic conditions (I love driving out west!) and better coordination with our potty stops allowed us to make much better time.  Praise the Lord!  We arrived at Grandma J's house while it was still light and had time to wind down before getting kids to bed.  Getting to see Joel and Sarah and their boys made for a fun welcome!

It IS possible to have a good road trip with 8 people in a Suburban!  Hooray!  This means there is hope we will retain some shreds of sanity before we're finished traveling for the summer!

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