October 01, 2011

More Progress!

Daily we are seeing progress with Zaden's feeding habits!  Today I only used the SNS twice, I think, and that was just on one side, after it was clear that he was too sleepy or just not sucking enough.  So my new approach is to attempt just nursing him, paying close attention to what he is doing, and only use the SNS if needed.  We've also noticed that his feedings need to be stretched out a bit--he seems to do better when it's at LEAST 3 hours if not a little more between feedings.  Therefore, I want to be sure he's getting enough at those feedings!  The baby scale has helped with the decision-making process with this, especially when he's really sleepy and I just can't tell if he has really had enough.

I am hopeful that when the 2 weeks are up and I need to take the pump back to the hospital we will indeed be finished with it.  I can, of course, request an extension, but it would be nice not to have to do so.  Time will tell!

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