October 20, 2011


It's a wonder we've gotten any school at all done the last two months!  It's been ridiculous!

Sept 6--Chiropractor
Sept 7--Zaden's 2-week check-up (with the sad news about his weight loss)
Sept 8--Tobin's allergy appointment
Sept 9--Arden's allergy appointment & Zaden's weight check
Sept 13--Zaden's weight check
Sept 16--Zaden's weight check
Sept 20--Charis, Tobin, and Arden's dental exams/cleanings
Sept 23 (a.m.)--Zaden's weight check
Sept 23 (p.m.)--Chiropractor

(One blissful week with NO appointments...and then...)

Oct 3--Chiropractor
Oct 11--Zaden's weight check (10 lbs, 3 oz:  2 pounds over birth weight!)
Oct 13--My 6-week post-partum check
Oct 17--Arden's allergy/asthma follow-up appointment
Oct 18--Chiropractor
Oct 19--Charis's orthodontist appointment
Oct 24 (a.m.)--Kenna and Lucan's dental check-ups/cleanings
Oct 24 (p.m.)--Zaden's 2-month well-baby check-up

I really should get my eyes checked...it's been about 2 1/2 years since my last eye appointment, and I am almost out of my contact supply.  The question is, do I just go ahead and order what I've been getting the last few years, since my prescription hasn't changed in ages, or should I wait until after I see an eye doctor?!  After these last couple of months, I'm not inclined to make ANY appointments for ANYONE anytime soon!!


As For Me and My House said...

wow! someone would need an appointment to see you with all that running around! exhausting! And that doesn't include trips to the grocery store, post office, etc., etc....

all on 4 said...

Hello Beverly! So, how are you now? I read it and it seems it has been a tough time for you. You also should not delay your check up.
How is Zaden now?
One thing I must say, your kids look so sweet. God Bless your family!