October 16, 2010

Stinkerbell Strikes Again

It's been a few months since Kenna attacked her hair with the scissors, but don't think she's lost her "Kennis the Menace" nickname in the meantime!  Here are just a few of her recent feats we have "enjoyed" over the past week:

  • Orange highlighter all over her body.  And I mean ALL. OVER.  Her toes looked like Cheetos!  The good news:  Highlighter is easily removed with baby wipes!
  • Orange highlighter on a significant space of her bedroom wall.
  • Glitter glue on an envelope and piece of card stock I left on my desk.  (She hid UNDER my desk when I realized something was not quite right...I hadn't left my office light on...)
  • Arden's foam airplane cut into little, tiny pieces.
  • Four large, jagged pieces of Cowboy Cake OUT of the cake pan and INTO her belly.  (Yes, she cut the pieces herself.  Guess who's not getting any ice cream when we're at Young's today?!)
  • At least 20 blank name tags stolen out of my workshop basket, unpeeled and stuck to the dining room table. 
I call this, "Unplanned Adventures in Homeschooling," since most of these activities took place during our school day schedule!  Good opportunities to respond with the character and attitude of Christ, right?!

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