October 19, 2010

Spotlight on...LUCAN

Today was Lucan's 18-month well-baby check-up.  (We're about a month late...)  Weighing in at 24 pounds, 4 ounces, he's in the 26th percentile for weight and 33rd percentile for height (31 3/4").  He is definitely not going to be the same build as Arden, LOL.  Overall, he's a pretty healthy little guy.  Since we had his check-up this morning, I thought I'd take time to jot down some notes about him at this stage in life.  All too quickly, I know, things will change!  So, here are some random things about our sweet little Lucan.

Lucan definitely understands more than he can communicate.  He has a grand total of maybe 6-7 signs:
  • More
  • Please
  • Eat
  • Milk
  • Shoes
  • All done

His verbal skills aren't much more impressive.  I was hard pressed to list a half dozen words that he consistently uses.
  • Eee (eat)
  • Hi
  • Nigh (night-night)
  • Dare (there)
  • Yay!  (Both arms must be raised above the head when saying this word.)
 Um, yeah.  Notice "Mama" and "Dada" are not even on the list!  Neither is "uh, oh," which was definitely one of Kenna's first words.  (Go figure.)  If it would count as a word, I'd list "uuh" or maybe "ooo."  He says that a lot.  While I'm not terribly concerned about the lack of verbiage from the baby of the family, his PCM (primary care manager) suggested having him evaluated to see if we can help him begin to speak more and whether speech therapy is needed at this point.  (Although, to be fair, she didn't seem overly concerned about it, either--just something that probably had to be said at this point.)  I think someone may be calling me to set up an in-home appointment to come and observe him in his natural environment...I wasn't really clear on whether this WOULD happen or COULD happen.  I guess I'll find out!  With 4 older sibs who know their baby brother REALLY well, there really isn't much need for Lucan to talk.  I've been trying to make him use more sign language before giving him what I can tell he wants, and we will try extra hard to have the kids really work with him to repeat words (which he does try to do on occasion).

But the kid understands quite well what's happening around him!  When I tell him it's time for a diaper change, he trots to our "spot" and assumes the position.  When he hears it's bath time, he trots into the bathroom and begins stripping down.  And oh, the boy knows when it's time to eat!  Guess we just need to prod him a little to make him work harder for what he wants.

Mommy, Mommy, and did I mention, Mommy?!  We are definitely in the clingy stage.  I remember going through this with the others around this same age.  It can be very aggravating when trying to make dinner--it's not easy toting around a large object on one's leg or working with a small person's head stuck between one's knees.  All I can say about this is, thank God for hips.  And nap time.  And when I read about the Proverbs 31 woman having arms that are strong for her tasks, I think..."She ain't got nothin' on my left bicep!  This baby-hauling mama HAS to have strong arms in order to survive!"  (I just sometimes wish there were more than two of 'em!)

Other favorites include:
  • Listening to Daddy make raspberry noises.
  • Light switches--turning them off and on.
  • The phone.  (We never lose it anymore...he certainly knows how to page it...)
  • The piano, especially when Charis is trying to practice.
  • Having his shoes ON.  Even when wearing pajamas with feet.
  • Big bouncy balls.
  • Greeting Daddy when he comes home from work.
  • Indiscriminate waving.  Alive or not, it doesn't matter--if he can see you/it, he will wave to you/it.
  • Giving high fives.
  • Riding piggy back on Charis or Tobin.
Lucan is really getting into books these days, which is fun for all of us except Kenna, because it seems to be my reading time with her that he decides is the best time to horn his way onto my lap, grab the book we're looking at, push her aside (literally), and demand my full attention.  But other than the Mom-stealing part of reading time, it's fun to see him really start to be engaged with what's happening on the page, pointing and exclaiming in his own little babble language.

Puzzles are another budding interest.  We have quite a few of these to capture his fancy, from magnetic book puzzles to foam and wooden shapes.  He definitely knows where pieces are supposed to go, even if he isn't quite coordinated to get them all in the right way.

We still like to go for walks in the wagon, but the weather is turning colder, so we no longer do this before the big kids rise and shine.  So we don't go out as frequently, though I do try to send him to the back yard with an older sib to bounce on the trampoline or just putter around with a ball and some toys.  I do miss the little play gyms we've had in the past...

And, as you can see below, he loves being a little ham!  He always has an appreciative audience.  Lucan really does light up our life ("Lucan" = Irish, "light"), and we can't imagine our lives without him.  What a blessing and a treasure he is!


As For Me and My House said...

so cute! sounds like he and Boden could have some stunning conversations!

Megan R said...

Gemma is just in the past week or two attempting to repeat words when we ask her to try. And maybe 1/4 of them come out sounding remotely close to what they're supposed to sound like. She's 20 months and definitely a "late" talker compared to my other two. We are still introducing signs because it's easier...

Darla said...

Both Lily and Deacon were "later" talkers, saying much less than their friends and knowing nowhere near the amount of words the books/magazines said they should. Even within this last year, Deacon was still driving his "tars" and saying "otay". I knew God had to take care of it because where was I going to find a speech pathologist with an American accent. All to say everything worked out fine with both and we now have "cars" and "okay". Love reading about your sweet family. Thanks for taking the time to share with us all.

Heather F said...

I have a friend who grew up with 3 much older sisters. He didn't speak until he was five, he would just point. He is now a (fairly) normal adult.
I love the Ardens quotes in the previous post. I can just hear him say them in his sweet little voice.

AJ "Girl" said...

So sweet! I wish I lived near you so Keaton could hang out w/him--they share an obsessive love of waving!

Bob and Claire said...

Well, I'm sure you know my view on talking--pretty much none of mine, except maybe Nathan, really started talking before 2. Faith in the past 2 weeks has started using more phrases ("It's okay", "Wait for me", etc, although they don't sound exactly like that, LOL), but she still doesn't have a huge vocabulary of words. I expect that will come in the next few months--her birthday is Feb. If Lucan still isn't saying much at his 2 year appointment, then I might do something. I really don't think there is anything wrong--and why make more stress for yourself with therapy or whatever right now?!