October 24, 2010

Creation Museum Visit and Birthday Celebration

I've read on friends' blogs about their visits to the Creation Museum, and I have been eager to go ever since we moved to Ohio.  When we heard my parents were coming out for a visit near Charis and Arden's birthday, we decided to make the trip this weekend.

What a blessing--our neighbors have guest passes that anyone can use at anytime!  With their 4 passes, plus the free admittance for active duty and police officers (for Ted and my dad), we only had to pay for one child's admission!  (Kenna and Lucan were free.)  We packed a picnic lunch and made the drive Friday morning.  I was SO glad Ted was able to take a day of leave, as the museum was crowded enough on a weekday--I can't imagine going on a Saturday!

What a neat place!  The museum itself is huge.  There was a lot to see, and I'm sure we grown-ups could have spent a lot more time reading all the informative signs if we were on our own.  But the kids did well and seemed to really enjoy everything.  We looked for fossils in one of the first rooms before beginning the "walk through the Bible" portion, which took us around and around from room to room, starting with a set-up of the Garden of Eden and going through the 7 C's:  Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, Consummation.  The kids learned about the 7 C's during their VBS week at church, so that was pretty cool.  (Charis is sitting beside me now, watching me type, and whispering, "Really fun!!"  I think she had a good time!)

I enjoyed the room with the construction of the ark--a full 1% of the volume of the actual ark, and it was HUGE!  I can only imagine how big the real thing was!  There were a number of models and explanations of how things may have worked, the practical details that the Bible doesn't record but had to be attended one way or another.

There was a video for the last 3 C's, but since there was a wait to get into the theater, and since we had some hungry (and rapidly getting cranky) children on our hands, we made our way outside and found some tables so we could enjoy our picnic lunch.  The kids fed bread crumbs to the fish in the pond, and then we walked along the garden paths and went into the petting zoo, where we saw alpacas, cows, a camel, zonkeys, sheep, goats, a wallaby, and a few other critters whose names I probably can't spell.

We went back inside to finish up by looking at the Dinosaur Den.  It was very nice to read information about these fascinating creatures from a biblical standpoint.  We watched a fun video about dragons--how legends likely sprang up from the actual creatures that existed way back in time.  Since dinosaurs and humans existed at the same time (despite what evolutionists try to say), it makes sense!  And many people don't know--though we did, having studied it in college and again last year with the kids' science curriculum--that the book of Job actually describes two different animals that were likely dinosaurs, the behemoth and the leviathan.  (And the leviathan clearly was a fire-breathing creature!)

The only thing that marred the day was that Charis got her finger caught in a bathroom door and experienced major pain.  We were able to get a cup of ice for her, but unfortunately, she had to endure a sad end to our fun day.  But getting to ride home with Grandma and Grandpa (with no other kids!) was a little treat.

We ordered pizza when we got home and FINALLY, REALLY celebrated Charis and Arden's birthdays!  We had made them wait to open presents until Grandma and Grandpa could be here, and Arden had been itching to tear open his gifts all week. :-)  We had carrot cake, their request, and then let them have at it, LOL.  I'll post some birthday pictures here, and if you want to see pictures of our Creation Museum visit, you can go here.

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