August 12, 2010

Kid Funnies

Have to type these out before I forget...

I was tucking Tobin in bed a few nights ago, and he was squeezing me like crazy. He said, "I could hug you forever. I could hug you and Dad forever. And eat bacon." Guess all that hugging WOULD make you kind of hungry!


Kenna went digging in the basement and found a bag of 4T clothes that Charis used to wear. Most of it looks like winter clothing, but there was also a swimsuit (that I remember absolutely SAGGING on our skinny little Charis). Kenna was delighted--the suit she has now is actually a bit small, and she has a permanent wedgie every time she wears it. So we were both happy to see a better suited (ha!) option. In a burst of sweet generosity, Kenna told me, "Lucan can have my old one!" Um, yeah. Nice thought, but I think we'll buy him swim trunks when he needs them...

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