August 07, 2010

Hair Trauma

Tonight is haircut night at our house: the boys are all getting buzzed. Tobin begged us to let him get a mohawk, and I finally said, "Hey, why not? Try it, and if we don't like it, we can shave it off." Ted figured it's Tobin's hair, so why not?

Ten minutes later, Tobin comes in the house, proudly sporting his new 'do. Unfortunately, after a look in the mirror, he decided he did NOT want a mohawk after all. And he would NOT let us take a picture of it! He got very angry and defensive when we tried! So, back outside he went to get his head buzzed. He's nearly bald now! But at least he's happy that he has been de-mohawked!

Meanwhile, during all of this drama, Kenna was helping herself to the barber kit. And yes, we now, for the first time, have a story to tell of one of our children cutting her own hair. Sigh. It's not flattering. No pictures will be posted at this time!

Ted was determined to get a picture of one of his offspring with a mohawk, so he gave one to an unsuspecting Lucan, took a picture, and then shaved his head to match Tobin's. So, here's a shot!


Debi said...

Kenna, Kenna, Kenna....curiosity is not always a good thing!!
(luckily hair grows)

Megan R said...

Love Lucan with the mohawk! You should have left it!!!!!! It's adorable!!

Beverly said...

Megan--Ted would have left it, but Lucan was way too wiggly, and it wasn't straight at all!!

taylordi said...

Meghan has cut her hair twice, the first time she took some off of a pony tail and you couldn't tell when it was down and the second time she wanted bangs. We just finished fixing that one! She cut Tabitha's hair once and Tab cut her own hair twice. At least hair grows out, even if it looks awful for a while.

Bob and Claire said...

LOL, well, the boys will be cool for the rest of summer! And I'm still laughing at Kenna--I can only imagine! Maybe she needs a buzz cut to even things out too? : )

Anonymous said...

Lucan "Baby Hawk" J. I like it! (the name and the cut)