August 13, 2010

Happiness is...

Kenna helped me make cookies this morning. As I was scooping dough onto the trays, she happily stood on the stool beside me licking her beater. She looked up at me with dabs of dough on her nose and cheeks and proclaimed, "God is happy that you're making cookies!"

The way I see it, she's right! I was spending precious time with a three-year-old who is growing up all too fast, doing something that brought joy to her little heart. My heart was full of delight in my role as a wife, mother, and homemaker (that's not always the case, I confess...), and at that moment, I know God was smiling on the scene in my kitchen.

How can YOU make God happy today?!

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Susie said...

I've adopted my friend Kelly's Thursday night dinner plan: The girls collaborate and decide what dinner they'd like to make for our family and we prepare it together. They loved our first week of it yesterday and you're absolutely right, it blesses them as much as it blesses us! Aren't there so many lessons to be taught int he kitchen, too?