October 14, 2009

Pictures of My Happy Place

OK, so actually these are photos of my basement stampin'/scrappin' room. And don't get too excited...I tried to position the camera so you couldn't actually see my messy desk and tables, LOL. When things are more orderly, maybe I'll post pictures of the whole room! But for now, I wanted to show off my latest Decor Elements frenzy, a combination of the Ginormous Flowers and whatever the butterfly set is called. I love how the colors coordinate and just really brighten up an otherwise dreary set of walls. The "Live for the Moment" element I actually applied incorrectly, ahem. I was supposed to put up the line underneath the words, then peel away to leave behind the dots. I thought the DOTS were supposed to be taken out, and painstakingly pulled them off the sticky sheet before applying the whole thing to the wall. It didn't dawn on me until much, much later that the actual image has a dotted underline. Oh, well. My way emphasizes the statement much more dramatically, LOL.

The first picture is the little walkway leading into my office, and the other two are actually in the room.