October 14, 2009

It's Still Going...and Going...

We're not quite out of the woods yet. Charis's fever has been pretty persistent, and Kenna's went back up today. Lucan's fever is low-grade, but aside from a few smiles a couple of nights ago, he has been one sad little dude. When he's awake, he's fussing unless he's on my hip in motion, and the last few feedings have been quite stressful for me as he has resisted nursing altogether. It's been a trend over the last few weeks that he prefers to nurse on the left side and will only nurse on the right side if he's very sleepy and it's offered first OR if I hold him as if I'm nursing on the left. Unfortunately, he hasn't wanted either side since this morning. He did take a few ounces I had pumped from his bottle this afternoon, and he did eat some cereal with breast milk. But I'm hoping this isn't a trend that continues. He also didn't nap well at all and spent most of the afternoon fussing, so perhaps that contributed.

It's a bit alarming, because I had nursing troubles with Kenna. I really didn't want to go down this path with Lucan. Hopefully he'll be back on track after he recovers from the flu.

So, between Lucan's fussiness and feeding issues and Kenna's clinginess as she vies for Mom's attention, it's amazing I've been able to attend to the older ones at all. Poor Charis has had to fetch her own medicine on more than one occasion! In addition to the flu, she is also dealing with a weird allergic reaction that started yesterday afternoon with what looked like a few bug bites on one thigh. Then she found more red, itchy bumps on her belly, followed by her back, and also on the opposite leg. The bumps keep moving around, and there are even some on her face now. I remember Ted had something similar to this when we were in Nevada this past spring--it drove him CRAZY! We've been putting the anti-itch cream on plus giving her some children's Benadryl, which is helping somewhat, but how frustrating for her to have to deal with both issues at once.

After all this, I figure God owes us some great weather and an incident-free birthday party on Sunday, LOL! Seriously, I AM praying that we have wonderful weather and a completely healthy family so we can share a fun day with friends as we celebrate Charis and Arden's birthday. We're planning another "Fall Family Fun" event, which I'd be looking forward to a lot more if I knew for sure I'd have the energy to clean up and actually prepare for the party without having to care for sad, sick little ones along the way.


Ski said...

Check to make sure Charis doesn't have strep. The first time Meghan had strep it was in the form of a rash that started on her legs and spread over her whole body. It could be a reaction to the flu or the meds too.

Bob and Claire said...

Yeah, the strep check is a very good idea. I mentioned it on my FB comment, but here is one blog post on Grace's mysterious hives with a fever that happened last March--http://psalm127.blogspot.com/2009/03/graces-hives.html#comments. (((Beverly))) I am praying everyone gets totally better soon! I know how draining this is for you. Hang in there!!

My name is Debi said...

Could Charis have Roseola? Both my kids had EXACTLY what you describe and when I took them to the Dr. the diagnosis was Roseola. Kate had it at 6 or 7 and Kyle was 2.

Ski could be on to something too. Annie's husband was really sick with fever and rash that moved around and it was strep. A strong round of antibiotics were needed to clear it.

Hope everyone is well soon.

My name is Debi said...

me again....my cousin is a senior oncology nurse in San Diego. She has had extensive training in H1N1 flu. Her daughter was sick all last week with a bug that sounds just like what all you have had. When she took her to her Ped., her ped told her that 99 percent of flus presenting accross the US right now ARE swine flu. You don't have to have stomach symptoms. In visiting the CDC website I read that in children, if H1N1 presents with a rash that this could mean real trouble. Not to scare you, but if the rash/fever continues I would definately take her to the Dr. I'm assuming none of you have been to the Dr. yet. Also, especially in children Tamiflu should be administered in the first 48 hours to reduce the severity and symptoms of H1N1 and Influenza A or B. My cousin's daughter took Tamiflu and she was done in about 5 days vs the 7-9 day course of typical H1N1. Also, her fever never spiked above 101 after she received the Tamiflu. (it was 103 when she first took her in) Unfortuately it is too late for Tamiflu now, it has to be started within the first 48 hours of the flu. I'm praying for you all and that you will recover from the flu soon!

I'm re-thinking my roseola comment now. The whole family has had the flu, so most likely so does Charis. The rash is probably a symptom of that flu/fever. A Dr.will be the best judge of course!