October 09, 2009

Oh, Yay

Yup. I got The Crud, too. Hit me like a ton of bricks this afternoon. The kids and I met Ted on base for his building's Oktoberfest. Great food, fun music, amusing hats and lederhosen--perfect for a throbbing headache. Still, it was very fun to watch Charis and Kenna holding hands and dancing to the music. I didn't stick around for long; Lucan had his 6-month check-up today, so we had to split to get over to the hospital and still got there late. I took Tobin along, since he was complaining the whole time we were at the Oktoberfest. I told him to sit in the waiting room and not move, which worked out well because he got to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons while Lucan and I did our thing.

Lucan is doing great, as I knew he was. He's not a super big guy--17 pounds, 26 inches. His head circumference is somewhere about the 11th percentile. I can't remember the height and weight percentages and don't feel like getting up to find the paper, so you'll have to be content with knowing that he's in the bottom half of the spectrum. I'm guessing this is because he expends so much energy trying to figure out the whole crawling thing. He is doing pretty much everything BUT actually crawling, and it's rather amusing to watch him maneuver around the living room. Look out, world. Here comes Lucan!

By the time we were finished with the appointment, I was more than ready to come home and go to bed. Ted had stayed with the other kiddos to watch some of the Oktoberfest events, so I had no idea when he'd be getting home. What are the chances of pulling out right in front of him at the traffic light when I turned out of the base gate entrance?! I don't know, but he followed me home. :-) The timing couldn't have been better...I nursed Lucan a bit more, then went to bed for about an hour and a half.

Ted made our pizza tonight, and we piled on the couch and watched the Dreamworks movie about Joseph. It was pretty good. That has got to be one of my all-time favorite Bible stories, so it was interesting to see how they brought it to life. The kids are in bed now, and I'm hanging in there until time to feed Lucan one last time. Then I'm hitting the sack. Thank the Lord we don't have anything planned for tomorrow!

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The Litwillers said...

I feel your pain! Today is the first day I have felt normal all week...and that's WITH chest congestion! MJ had a soccer game this morning (temps in the low 30s) so Anna and I stayed in the car to watch.