October 11, 2009

Lazy Weekend

I must say, if one has to get sick, it's best if it happens during a time when one has few obligations. Thank the Lord our whole family has been sick during a time when Ted could be home with us! This weekend hasn't been very fun, but we're getting through the fevers, coughs, and runny noses as best we can. We all stayed home from church this morning. Ted could have gone--he's pretty much over this--but as he rightly said, I wouldn't have been able to get much rest home alone with 5 kids, most of whom are also sick. Charis doesn't have a fever anymore, just a bit of a headache, but the younger ones are definitely in the middle of this. I woke with a temperature of 100.4, which was lower than last night's 101.8. It's down to 98.5 now, and it's been several hours since I had any medication, so I'm hopeful that I'm also getting towards the end of this. I just have a plugged nose and basically feel like I've been run over by a truck.

The worst part has been seeing the little ones feeling so rotten. Kenna went from skipping around and singing "E, I, O" at the top of her lungs yesterday morning (she just learned "Old McDonald") to sitting on the couch with glassy eyes, a red nose, and a blazing fever by mid-afternoon. And poor little Lucan has a fever and has slept pretty much non-stop, waking only to nurse a little, get some cuddles, and go back to sleep.

The jury is still out on whether Charis and I will leave the house tomorrow as planned for our tour of the Longaberger Homestead. That was to be Charis's birthday outing, though she doesn't know it yet. Now that my temperature seems to be getting back to normal, I have some hope that we can still go...I've already paid for it, and though I'm sure we can still get our baskets, I'm not sure that I'd get any refund if we don't go.

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Ski said...

I hope you feel up to going! Could you reschedule?

People who've had the crud here say it whipes you out, the fever doesn't last long but it takes about a week to get their energy back. HOpe yours is faster!

You almost feel worse seeing the little ones so miserable. Sending healing thoughts your waY.
We have birthday gifts and a box of clothes for Kenna hopefully we'll get it in the mail this week.