July 14, 2008

Visit from Grandma J

Ted's mom came to visit us from July 2 - 9. Since we had just returned from Commission a couple of days prior, we hadn't yet settled into any sort of routine, which is probably a good thing. We enjoyed lots of relaxed time together, as Ted had July 4 - 7 off work. Woohoo! We love 4-day weekends! Our activities included several games of Catan, going to Pump It Up, spending the 4th of July with the T family, church, swimming, a date night for Ted and me, reading, assorted games, and movies. Charis also worked on several sewing projects with her grandma (she loves doing this with both her grandmas!). It was a great week, and we were sad to have to take her back to the airport. We likely will not see her for quite awhile, unfortunately. Maybe God will be gracious to us and allow us to be stationed in Colorado next!!

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