July 21, 2008


This is a month belated, but Charis and Tobin tested for their orange belts before our trip to Idaho and passed. Their next belt test (for yellow) will be in August. They both have earned 2 stripes on their orange belts so far, so one more to go and they will be eligible to take the test. They are very much enjoying the classes, and I think it's been a good thing for them. I do feel a little bit bad that Arden can't be in the "Tiny Tigers" classes, but it would be too much to have them in completely different class periods. Plus, Carmen, our neighbor, takes her orange-belt kids plus mine to class...which is a HUGE help! They go to 3 classes per week, so when you include the driving time to and from the studio, the house gets quiet for about 2 hours those afternoons. It's kind of nice for this homeschooling mom!!

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Amos said...

That is so awesome! I really need to get my boys into something like that, I think it might help my oldest calm down a little, but then it may have the opposite effect too, who knows. Good discipline training though. Glad that you get a nice break since the helpful neighbor takes them, what a sweet mom for helping you!!