July 14, 2008

Our 4th of July

We had a GREAT Independence Day, despite the Las Vegas heat! All 7 of us (including Grandma J) went to the T family's house for the day. Another family was there, along with Adam and Laura's intern who is living with them for the summer and a friend of his. The kids had a blast swimming with the dads, and we ladies enjoyed chatting and keeping cool in the house! We had a yummy dinner (of course--why would we have a meager, mediocre dinner on a national holiday?!), played some Taboo, and watched as Glen (the intern) and Emily (his friend) helped the kids light sparklers and little fireworks in the street. Kenna was quite fascinated by it all! She wouldn't stay still for anything!


Megan said...

When did Tobin get glasses?! He looks so smart in them. :-)

Beverly said...

He's had them since March, I think. Yes, he does look rather book-wormish. :-)

ski said...

I hadn't realized how much Charis and Rhonday look alike. Very cute pictures, thanks for sharing.