February 20, 2008

Poor Li'l Kids

This is how our kids looked most of President's Day weekend. All four of them stayed home from church Sunday, two with fevers (Tobin and Charis). All of them had runny noses, coughs, etc. While it wasn't the most fun way to spend a 3-day weekend, it was at least fairly relaxing for us all. Tobin conked out pretty frequently, having camped on the couch in his pajamas with his blanket, stuffed buddy, and books. Charis went from lying with bleary eyes by the fire place to skating around on her roller skates--we could always tell when the cold medicine was kicking in, but unlike Tobin, who fell asleep, she would get a burst of energy and use that to practice skating!

Thankfully the children are mostly better now, just a few sniffles and coughs to work out.


Ski said...

Glad everyone is feeling better! Meghan ran a fever Sunday night and then slept for 3 hours Monday afternoon. One of her friends ended up having strep throat. Another friend had a cough. I've of more people who were not feeling well over the long weekend.
Take care and continue to get better. A teaspoon of local honey everyday is supposed to help keep these colds away. Tabitha and I have some on our oatmeal every day and we haven't been as sick as Meghan and Clint.

Tina said...

I'm sorry they were sick--but glad it wasn't worse!

James' dad used to not give him cold medicine. He said if he was sick he should act like it! (I guess once he was on it, he was more energetic then your daughter.) I should add he really is a nice guy (James and his dad), even if that sounds really bad.

Megan said...

Sela reacted like that to cold medicine that I took when she was an infant and nursing. She was wide-awake for 12 hours straight, which is NOT good for a sick mommy or a 2-month-old infant! I concluded that I'd rather suffer with just Tylenol and actually have the option of sleeping while she napped, than medicate myself, still feel cruddy, and have a hyper-alert baby to deal with on top of it. I've never given her cold medicine because I'm afraid of what it would do to her. LOL

Amos said...

Oh my, looks a lot like my house too. If we could all just get a glimpse of spring it would be so much better. Hope your house because nice and healthy soon too!

Amos said...

Becomes nice and healthy, LOL. I'll just blame it on the drugs, I still don't trust myself driving quite yet either. A little foggy brained, LOL.