February 18, 2008

Feel the Love

This is the Valentine's craft I did with Charis and Tobin. Arden wasn't interested, but I thought they turned out cute!

Poor little Kenna woke up sick on Valentine's Day, but I was determined that she would look adorable regardless! (Ski, did this outfit come from you??)

Arden enjoys the cookie he just finished decorating.

Charis and I at the home school elementary Valentine's Day party.

We had a nice Valentine's Day. Ted and the kids had gotten me a bunch of pink roses the Sunday beforehand, so we enjoyed those all during the week. I never did get a picture of them, and unfortunately they are trashed by now. In the afternoon the kids and I went to church for the home school group's elementary Valentine's party, where the kids all received way too much candy but seemed to have fun with the games and projects provided. Kenna was fairly high maintenance here, so I was relieved when the last station was finished and we could head home and put her down for a much-needed nap.

We had taken a family vote and decided to have a nice dinner at home instead of battling the crowds in a restaurant, all the better since Kenna wasn't feeling well. I made a family favorite, Parmesan Ranch Chicken, with broccoli-cheese rice (a mix that we all like very much) and vegetables. For dessert I made a Decadent Peanut Butter Pie, but as the kids had had SO MUCH sugar during the day, Ted and I saved the pie to eat by ourselves after they were in bed. (Don't worry, we gave them pieces the next day!) Charis helped me set the table with our nice dishes and linen napkins, and we lit candles and played nice music. Ted read 1 Corinthians 13 while I dished up the kids' plates, and we had a scrumptious meal.


Amos said...

It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord always points out the smallest details to me, it was at the end of this post reading about Ted reading from Corinthians that my heart just melts to His love by giving us his word. So often I pass up the little details, and then somewhere I read it and the light comes on. Thanks for sharing about your day.

Bob & Claire said...

LOL at Kenna's picture--that is certainly a daily event at our house, since Anna has the most static-y hair immaginable! Hers is all different lengths too, since that is how it is growing in. Poor girl--I always say she is having a bad hair year, LOL.

What a precious story about Charis and her friends. I will pray for a Christian family to befriend them and water the seed!

Ski said...

Yes, Kenna's outfit was also Meghan's first Valentine's Day outfit. It didn't work for Tabitha, she was either too small or had outgrown it. Glad you are getting some use out of it. Want some more clothes? Tabitha is out growing most of the 2T's and of course is out of 24 months clothes. And what would Kenna like for her first birthday? Or what do not have that you think would be a good addition?