November 03, 2005

You Know You Have Toddlers When...

1. You find a spaghetti-sauce handprint on the carpet stairs.

2. You sweep daily underneath the table but haven't dusted in two months.

3. You are moved to action by 7 words: "Mommy, will you please wipe my bottom?"

4. Your idea of exercise is running up the stairs whenever you hear a crash...or whenever you hear absolutely nothing.

5. You live for nap time, praying desperately that there will BE a nap time because you need one yourself.

6. Six days later, the spaghetti-sauce handprint is STILL on the carpet stairs.

7. When driving, you view the passing world through a child's eyes. "Oh, look! A horsey! What does a horse say?"

8. You plan meals based on what your children are wearing and whether they will be seen in public after eating.

9. You can quote Bob & Larry's ABCs, Goodnight Moon, and even Scuffy the Tugboat.

10. You forget about all the struggles and battles of the day as you watch your little ones sleep, their little chests rising and falling, mouths slightly open, feet curled up under their tummies, looking for all the world like chubby little cherubs, blessings sent straight from God into your home and heart.


Tina Miles said...

That was SO funny, and SO true! Thank you for putting that together! I make sure I look in on my sleeping son EVERYDAY--for that very reason!

Bob & Claire said...

Oh yes, I am right there with you--on all of them! Great list! : )