November 18, 2005

Bonnie Springs Field Trip

On Tuesday we went with our play group to Bonnie Springs, a beautiful place about 30 minutes outside of the city in the Red Rocks Canyon area. There is a petting zoo, an old mining town replica, horse rides, a miniature train, and more. Unfortunately, most of the attractions are now weekend only, so all we did was go through the extensive petting zoo area. The children were delighted, however, and we spent a delightful hour wandering around, petting, feeding, and chortling at the animals. Among the critters we saw were burros, llamas, rabbits, roosters, chickens, pigs, goats, deer, miniature ponies, cows, wolves, hedgehogs, guinea pigs...and a few who were distinctive enough that I don't remember them, never having heard of their species before!

The animals are well fed, as you can see. The deer here were so fat that there would be no running away if danger were imminent, so it was a good thing the wolves were NOT free to wander as so many of the other animals were. Although we didn't bring any coins to buy food from the dispensers, other moms were generous enough to share with Charis and Tobin, who felt no shame in begging quarters so they could feed the greedy animals nuzzling at their hands. Arden just toddled along, squealing and patting wherever he found a soft patch of fur. I personally enjoyed the drive to and from Bonnie Springs, and we decided that we definitely must go back on a Saturday when Ted can go with us and when the train is running and other things are happening.

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