November 15, 2005

The Invisible Woman

Yesterday at MOPS we watched a video clip of...a really funny lady whose name I can't remember...who was speaking at a Women of Faith conference. She did a sketch called the Invisible Woman. I won't even try to reproduce her humorous take on being invisible in the family, such as when she tells kids to turn the TV down and nothing happens, or when no one says anything about a wonderful spread at the dinner table other than "There's no butter."

What really spoke to me was when she shared about the time a friend of hers who had traveled to Europe gave her a gorgeous book about cathedrals. As she was going through and looking at the pictures of these beautiful, amazing structures, she noticed that nearly all of them said "Builder: Unknown." It struck her what she was really doing with her life was not simply cooking and cleaning...she was building a cathedral, a work of art that would continue to be worked on long after she is gone.

This really convicted often do I clean the house hoping to receive earthly praise for it? Or "sacrifice" my time for my family so that I will be thanked for it? Shouldn't I really be working for my Heavenly Father, serving my family because I want to serve Him? The speaker noted that invisibility is not the disease--it is the cure for the disease of self-centeredness. When I am honest with myself, I realize that much of my "service" is really self-driven. May God remind me everyday that I am building a cathedral for HIS glory.

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Bob & Claire said...

Oh, my goodness! I just watched that same clip with Amy when we were back in Ohio visiting! Wow, we're really in the same situation, aren't we?! LOL! I thought it was such a beautiful analogy to the cathedrals, and the whole thing really inspired me. Amy led one Bible study this summer, and she used that clip in her study (they had a "topical" summer, so you could do whatever you wanted). I can't remember the lady's name either--Nicole something. Johnson, maybe?