May 17, 2015

Mediterranean Cruise: Day 9 (At Sea)

Seanin didn't get the memo about our plans to sleep in! He woke me at 6:30 with a dirty diaper, and I was afraid he'd wake Charis and Zaden, so I whisked him out of the room and went to meet Ted for our usual morning routine. Ted took Seanin, and I went down to check on our room after about a half-hour of finishing my Bible reading and having a light breakfast by myself. Charis and Zaden were just waking. By this point it was around 8:30, and Seanin was ready for a morning nap. Ted took Zaden to join those eating breakfast, and Charis stayed in the room to shower and have her quiet time, so I was able to get a run in. Then Charis and I traded places, so she had breakfast and joined the others who were swimming by that point.

I realized someone needed to attend the disembarkation meeting at 10:30, and the other grown-ups were occupied! So I woke Seanin and ran down to the theater to get the information. We joined the swim crew and discovered a German-style buffet by the pool. Pretzels, sausages, kraut, potato salad--yum!

The afternoon was relaxing: swimming, cards, naps, movies, kids' show, and/or date with hubby, depending! The evening show was a pirate show, so we took everyone except Seanin, who was very ready to sleep by then! The show was pretty good--lots of acrobatics, which we like, and very little dancing, which we didn't (at least, the kind of dancing that seemed prevalent in these shows!).

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