October 13, 2012

Spotlight on...LUCAN

It's time to remember those precious things about our children that change all too quickly as they grow!  Today I want to record a few of the fun quirks and sayings from our little Lucan.  We have to focus on the positive aspects of being 3 years old...

He is still a Veggie Tale fiend.  
Evidence is as follows:
1. His lunchtime prayer a couple of days ago was this:  "Dear God, thank you for my cottage cheese and for my apples and for my crackers and for my yellow peppers and for my Larry the Cucumbers."

2. His playtime set-up today involved a replica of the wall of Jericho, complete with a row of "Percy Pea" soldiers on top, just like the French Peas in the Veggie Tale episode "Josh and the Big Wall."
After I took this picture he completed the line of "veggies" marching around the city so it was completely surrounded and then spent the next hour or so (no exaggeration!) singing his own version of the Veggie Tale song "Keep Walking," which changed the words slightly to "Keep walking...you'll knock down our wall," while knocking off various parts of the wall.  Of course!

He is loyal to his buddies.
Evidence is as follows:
Doof Dog has been slept on, cried on, sat on, snotted on, dragged around, kicked, squished, and literally has had his stuffing beaten out of him.  Lucan's little security habit involves reaching into this hole and fondling "Doof Guts" (as Ted dubbed the stuffing) to the extent that we find balls of fluff all. over. the. place.  It's not uncommon to hear during evening clean-up time, "Lucan, please come get Doof-Dog's guts and put them back inside him."  And Lucan will go trotting to the area of destruction and piece his friend back together.
This is one well-loved pooch who spills his guts for Lucan!
He falls asleep in weird positions/places during rare but needed naps.
Pictorial evidence as follows:
Oh yes, this child is sacked out.  Feet propped on a laundry basket.   Comfy, eh?!

UNDERNEATH the roll-away bed in the laundry room.

He hums instead of sings at bedtime.
The current song regimen includes 4 songs when I put him to bed and 5 songs when Dad puts him to bed.  The parent sings, and Lucan hums.  Woe be to the parent who skips a song.  The order is as follows:

  1. "Jesus Loves Me"
  2. "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
  3. "1-2-3 Jesus Loves Me"
  4. "You Are My Sunshine"

(Those are the 4 songs I sing to him.  The 5th came about, I believe, because when Ted returned from deployment and attempted to figure out this routine, Lucan kept asking him to sing the "Shine" song.  Which is OBVIOUSLY song number 4, but if you have spent the last year in Kandahar, this could be a bit difficult to figure out, since communicating with 3-year-olds can be about like trying to have a conversation with a cat.)

     5.  "Shine" by The Newsboys, chorus only, sung by Ted, because THAT makes sense, and Lucan approves this message.

He hugs with an "mmmmmm" sound effect.  
All the time.  Every single hug.  *Melt*
(This can be a bit amusing when he's coming off a tantrum, sobbing away, and being told to go give Mommy a hug good night.)

Other favorites include "Buzz Lightning Year," tunnels (going through them on drives and building them with toys), his buddy Josiah, our friends Ms. Hannah and Mr. Tuba, building robots, and Superman.  He has Superman pajamas and tells us often that he wants to fly like Superman.  When he told me that this morning, I agreed that it would be very fun to fly like Superman, and he got this brilliant idea:

"Mommy, YOU wear Superman jammies!"

I'm sure Ted would be thrilled. ;-)

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Sarah said...

I hope I can meet him soon!! He's precious!