October 03, 2012


Last Friday at JFC (Joint Force Command), where Ted works, the Germans threw a big Oktoberfest event.  I think the last Oktoberfest we attended as a family was in 2009, shortly after we moved back to Dayton.  I remember it vividly...the yummy catered food, the loud music, the I'm-getting-the-swine-flu aches...oh, yes, it was a great time.  (Our whole family was floored by that flu.  Ugh.)

So we were excited to attend a "real" event put on by real Germans, ha!  Seriously, they flew in the food, beer, AND musicians from Germany.  The only bad thing about being there during the day was the heat.  Even though we were in a huge tent (shade makes a big difference here), there was very little breeze.  Still, the food was great, and the kids were pretty game to try the various options: big soft pretzels, sausages and sauerkraut, schnitzel, and potato salad.  OK, actually I'm the only one who ate the potato salad.

Ted got a stein!  

Zaden loved the sauerkraut!  (I actually did, too!)

The girls made masks in the kids' craft area.

Kenna and the older boys enjoyed the bounce house--Lucan was a little overwhelmed.

Zaden was curious about that smell in the mug!

The admiral had a bit of difficulty pounding in the ceremonial tap but finally got it!

The band!  Oom-pah-pah!

More crafts!

Current NATO headquarters
And, especially for my dad, some video of the music from the day.  Sorry for the shaky video--we're still learning how to effectively use our new camera!

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