October 02, 2012

A Day in Our Life in TLF

This particular day was actually last Wednesday, September 26, 2012...

Ted's and my morning routine:  Ted wakes at 5 a.m. and showers.  I attempt to roll out of bed before 5:30, sometimes going for a run and other times...not.  Today was a "not."  After showers, we have coffee.  My wonderful hubby always brings me my mug and we have our prayer time and Bible reading together in bed.  Ted leaves for work around 6:45ish.  That gives me about 15 minutes to finish up with showering, making our bed, checking email, and/or quietly puttering around the kitchen, since the little boys are usually waking around 7 or 7:15.  I try to ignore Lucan at least long enough for me to nurse Zaden (I can multitask a bit that way, checking messages while he gets his first breakfast!).  And as an aside, who would have thought a year ago that Zaden would still be nursing at 13 months?!  God is good. :-)

When I'm ready to let Lucan out, I go here...the laundry room!  The rollaway bed fits in here perfectly.  I find it very amusing that Lucan, while completely capable of opening doors, NEVER lets himself out of his room in the mornings!  Very convenient!

So, while older kids are getting up and dressed, I peek outside.  It's actually overcast this morning.  Nice!  This is the view to the east from our balcony--that hump in the background is Mt. Vesuvius.

And this is the view to the west.  You can see the school buses making their way toward us--our temporary apartment is across from the elementary school.

A never-ending chore around here is laundry.  It's even MORE never-ending with the itty bitty washer and dryer in this apartment!  I took this photo awhile back, but I put it here because this is a common sight every morning when I start a new load to wash!  It's like baby TV!

Whew.  Finally have all the kids awake!  Breakfast time!  I try to throw down some food myself before they get to the table so I can discuss what we'll be doing for the day and possibly even do some Bible reading while they are relatively contained.  For Bible, we are working our way through Proverbs, memorizing some verses here and there, and talking about the wisdom that comes from walking with God.  We are also memorizing some of the catechisms that are in my weekly planner; however, I am skipping some of them that are too long or worded too old-fashioned for my liking!  Trying to keep it accessible for the variety of ages that listen in!  We also spend time praying for our missionaries during our Bible time.  Even before our homeschool supplies arrived, we at least did this much every day--it's the most important part of our homeschool day!

After breakfast the kids do some independent activities.  Here Tobin is watching a new Math-U-See lesson, with Lucan looking on.

Zaden gets some playpen time so that we can do some schoolwork without a little one underfoot!  He's welcome, but he's also distracting!

One of the things I have to get done while kids are working (or playing) independently is keeping up with the laundry!  If I forget, that is BAD NEWS!  So I take some time to put some clothes on the line we strung up on our balcony.  Thankfully, we have purchased clothespins since this picture was taken--the NEX was all out the previous week, as was the commissary.  You can count on the wind kicking up in the afternoon, so I'm grateful for the pins!

Lunch time!  Sometimes I read to the kids; sometimes they read on their own!

There's always time for a snuggle with my favorite baby!

Tobin is waiting for me to finish something on the computer so he can have a turn at Rosetta Stone, our Italian language program.  He puts his free time to good use today and reads stories to Kenna and Lucan!

These are the books we got through today: one chapter in each.

I get some reading time with Kenna after the big kids are finished with school.

Lucan doesn't nap all that often anymore, but there are days when he just NEEDS it.  Today was one of those days!  In the late afternoon I found him asleep like this--amazing that he didn't slip off the bed!!

And the pictures end here.  It was Wednesday, a "Club Beyond" day (the youth group program here), so Charis left with her friend Emily to attend their meeting from 5:30 - 7:30.  We had dinner without her, and then Ted went to the chapel to join the praise team for their practice.  He ended up playing bass and then brought Charis home.

I wouldn't say that this is a "typical" day, as in every day is usually like this, but there are elements here that show up in some form or another many days...so, I guess it IS a "typical" day in that regard!


T-Rae said...

How exactly does one fall asleep in such a position? :) That little boy cracks me up!

Tanya Robinson said...

Life is crazy for us, is it not? I'm so a stay at home and get it done kinda mama.

Tanya Robinson said...