September 25, 2012

Where We Are in the House Process

A quick update is probably in order.  We are finished with "The Hunt," having picked out our home.  All documents are in; now we wait for the pre-contract meeting, which is scheduled for October 2.  We were hoping we could have been finished with that meeting by now, but that was the soonest they could get us in, apparently.

In the meantime, we are thrilled that Ted did not have to go TDY this week after all--after last week's long hours, it's nice to be able to eat dinner together as a family again!  We are hoping that some of the inspections of the house are taking place now, but we really don't know what's going on.  All we know is that inspections have be passed before we can finalize anything.

We are supposed to be out of TLA (temporary lodging) after 60 days; that point for us is approaching all too quickly, October 15.  With such a late PRE-contract meeting, that makes us a bit nervous concerning our odds for getting out of here on time.

Well, God knows our needs!  HE is in control of our timeline, not the housing office!

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