September 21, 2012

Pizza Night

Last Saturday the Support Site was treated to an evening of local entertainment and Neapolitan-style pizza.  We switched our weekly pizza night from Friday to Saturday so we could enjoy the festivities and do something fun as a family.  While the event was a BIT different than we planned--we stood in line for 2 hours for non-free pizza!--we did meet some other folks and got to visit with them in line while the kids played at the playground, jumped in the bounce house, and watched a magic/comedy show.  Clouds rolled in, making the evening considerably colder than we were prepared for, but hot pizza finally arrived!  By the time we got it we were realizing we really SHOULD have ordered one pizza per person: we were starving!

Naples pizza has a very thin crust; the way you are supposed to eat it is to fold it in half and eat it like a sandwich.  We got the "Margarita" style, which is sauce, a basil leaf, and buffalo mozzarella.  The colors are reminiscent of the Italian flag. :-)

An amusing point in the evening program was when the local musicians began singing a traditional Italian song.  I have no idea what the words mean, but it is the tune of Larry's High Silk Hat, so Ted and I spent the entire number giggling to ourselves in line.

Here are some pics from the evening!

This guy spoke awhile, but we have NO IDEA what he said!

Beautiful rainbow that appeared toward the beginning of our line-standing experience.

Comic magician and volunteer

Our pizza maker!

Putting the pizzas in the oven--we will have an oven like this in our backyard!  So excited!

Kenna, sitting on a table, and Lucan (standing by me), enjoy watching the pizza-making process.

Hooray!  Pizza!  (And oh, my goodness, don't Arden and Lucan look exactly alike?!)

My girls!

Ima gonna eat it ALLLLLLL!!

And yes...each of the boys got his OWN pizza and ate it ALL!

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