September 14, 2012

Update...of Sorts...

So, here's where we stand in the house-hunting process:

  1. We have picked a house.  (The one I described in the previous post.)
  2. The landlord wants us to rent the house.
  3. The landlord had a list of documents he had to provide by today to the housing office.
  4. He brought all except one.
  5. We can't do anything until he provides the one.
  6. He is supposed to bring it Tuesday.
  7. Assuming all is in order on Tuesday, we will schedule the pre-contract meeting, prayerfully for next Friday (Sept. 21).
  8. We will need to go back to the house and look around, taking detailed notes, before the pre-contract meeting.
  9. Once the pre-contract meeting takes place, there will be a number of inspections that must happen before we can do anything else.  
That's all I can tell you for now!  If you feel led, please pray with us the following:
  1. That we can schedule the pre-contract meeting before Ted leaves for a week-long training course.
  2. That we can be in the house before our temporary lodging allowance ends (October 15).
  3. That we will be in the house to receive delivery of our household goods before Ted leaves for a two-week exercise.
Thank you for your prayers!  Here are a few pictures from around base.  I haven't taken the camera out much, but this is better than nothing!

The Village Forum--among other things, this place has the base library, chapel, community center, hotel, restaurant, shoppette, insurance offices...

View of Mt. Vesuvius--doesn't it look cool with the clouds over it?!

"Inside" the Forum area--actually looking at the courtyard.  The chapel is directly across the way; the library is to the left where you see the person through the archway.

Walkway behind the Forum

"Library park" which the kids love going to!  It's only open after 6 pm because it's used during the day for CDC and after-school care programs.

Zaden attempts to climb the wall in the library park!  He didn't get far, but he sure does crawl around fast!

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T-Rae said...

Even the base looks cool there!! :)