July 31, 2012

Working Our Way Toward Italy!

We interrupt this series of Vacation Adventure Reports (which were stalled out anyway) to answer all the questions we've been getting, namely, "When are you leaving?!"  Here is our move timeline:

Friday, July 27: Storage packers/movers come.  All the items that we are NOT taking to Italy are now sitting in a storage crate in the Dayton area.  Goodbye, books; goodbye, decorations; goodbye old AWANA awards and memorabilia.  We'll see you later!

Monday, July 30: Express shipment packers come.  This shipment contains basic items we will need for setting up house--basic kitchen supplies, the coffee maker (!!), homeschool books, sheets, towels, Zaden's crib, the boys' Legos, and so on.  We won't be able to enjoy the luxury of using our bread maker for awhile, but by golly, we'll have Legos to step on!

We moved into TLF (Temporary Lodging Facilities) on base last night.  We will be here for the next week or so, running back and forth between the house and base and the grocery store to fill in gaps for our many mouths that still need to be fed despite the crazy busy schedule.  (Can't we all just FAST for this week?!  It would be so much easier!)  All the items that will travel with us in person overseas are here with us in TLF.

Tuesday, July 31: Household goods packers begin the huge job of packing up all the rest of our worldly possessions.  This will probably take 2 days, or at least 1 1/2 days.

Thursday, August 2:  Movers will pack up the truck; a house cleaner is coming.  (Woohoo!)

Friday, August 3:  Final out with the property manager.  (Thank the Lord we do not have to sell a house!)

Tuesday, August 7:  Final outprocessing for Ted; drive to Great Wolf Lodge for some family fun!!

Thursday, August 9:  Arrive at our friends Craig and Mimi's house in Kansas.

Monday, August 13: Drive to St. Louis??  Or possibly do this on Tuesday the 14th.

Tuesday, August 14: Drop off the Suburban so it can be shipped overseas!

Wednesday, August 15:  Leave the country!

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Debi said...

WOW! It sounds like it is all running smoothly and very organized. Where will you live when you get there?