July 21, 2012

To Mt. Rushmore and Beyond

Friday, July 6

After a somewhat satisfying breakfast at the hotel, we packed everyone up again for our 4th National Park visit: Mt. Rushmore!  Since we were pressed for time, we only did the short walk past the flags to view it from a distance, so I must confess that our first reaction was..."Wow, it sure is a lot smaller in person!"  I'm sure if we had had the time to hike farther, we would have been duly impressed, but as it was, we snapped our pics and went on our way, ready to put some miles under our belt.

Travel went well, and by nightfall we were closing in on our destination just outside of Minneapolis, where some dear friends of ours live, Adam and Laura T and their daughter Addie.  We had not seen them since we moved from Las Vegas in 2009, and they obviously have moved since as well.  Laura's parents graciously allowed us to stay in their home for two nights, as they were away themselves visiting family Friday night.  We chatted a little while Friday night but then crashed before too long, knowing that we would have the next day to catch up.

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Bob and Claire said...

Well, I am really enjoying all your posts about your vacation! Our trip to Yellowstone sounded more like your first trip thought--we only have 2 days to see it all, and it was misty and freezing, even though it was June! We never took off our sweatshirts, and we definitely didn't go on all the trails you all did to see things close us, so I am enjoying your pictures!

And it was raining (and freezing, LOL) when we stopped at Mt. Rushmore, so we just saw it from afar as well. I think we probably stayed in the same Comfort Suites though--the Ellsworth TLF was booked when we went through too! Funny! Sounds like a GREAT trip though!!