July 31, 2012

A Day in Minnesota

We now return to our regularly scheduled vacation update...

Saturday, July 7

We spent a full day in Minnesota visiting our friends Adam and Laura and their daughter Addie.  We actually stayed at Laura's parents' house, which is just down the street from them, as it was much larger.  Her parents are so sweet and made us feel very welcome.  We enjoyed getting to know them and Laura's brother Joel as well.

Addie had been at camp all week, so Adam and Laura went to pick her up in the morning, leaving us to have a leisurely breakfast and a bit of down time, which was very welcome.  We also did a massive amount of laundry, as pretty much every article of clothing we had was dusty and grimy from our Yellowstone adventure.  The Ts arrived in time for lunch, and then the girls launched into their adventures for the day while we grown-ups caught up on the past 3 years since we had seen each other.

The day sped by and ended with a movie night for the kids complete with ginormous movie wall and stove-top popcorn, while Laura and I thoroughly trounced Adam and Ted in a best 3 out of 5 pinochle game!  (Tee hee!)  We left after a HUGE, yummy breakfast Sunday morning and headed to Wisconsin, our last destination before returning home to Ohio.

We're so grateful for the gift of godly friendships and the opportunity to spend time together in person!

Muddy feet girls!  They went tromping through the backyard muck!

Best picture we managed to get of all the kids together!

Adam and Laura with Ted and me

Playing games

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