April 14, 2010

Today's Project

I just had to post pictures so my mom and mother-in-law would know that I actually do clean my laundry room! When they were here watching our kiddos while Ted and I were gone last week, the room was a total mess! Taking the winter gear down to the storage room was a big help, as was getting the too-small clothes that had piled up OUT of there. And leaving the ironing board up while we were gone didn't exactly allow for much movement in there, either!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Beverly, I am super impressed with that laundry room! Wow! Didn't know the place, he!he!
Really, it didn't bother me when I was there...just had to step over a few pair of shoes!!! Love ya!

Beverly said...

A FEW pair of shoes?! Holy cow, Mom, I think there were about 17 shoes in that little room!!