April 27, 2010


You know we can't go too long without having a Kenna post. Here are a few things she has done or said recently to make us laugh.

* It took awhile to figure out what she was saying, but now we understand her when she announces Lucan needs someone to wipe his nose. Her phrase? "Yu-can has a not." In other words, "Lucan has snot dripping down his face. Wipe it now."

* We're working on answering politely, since she has gotten into the habit of saying, "Uh-huh!" She does frequently answer, "Yes, ma'am," and since she was dressed like a princess recently, I praised her when she answered me politely, saying that was how a princess would respond to her mommy. She seemed to like that idea, so the next time I called her, she answered, "Yes, ma'am, uh-huh!"

* Though she is perfectly capable of feeding herself, often during dinner Kenna decides to wander away from the table; however, if dessert is on the line, she is usually willing to eat a reasonable amount from various food groups. One night recently she indicated that she desperately wanted dessert but was not willing to shovel her food into her own mouth. I humored her and asked her if she wanted me to feed her. She scooted over next to me, and I proceeded to give her a few bites. Then I asked, "Do you want to feed yourself now?" She answered, "No, YOU feed myself!"

* Much to Ted's and my chagrin, Kenna all too frequently reminds us, "I growing up!" The funny thing is, though, she announces this when she is standing on a stool or a chair or wearing some high-heeled shoes!

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As For Me and My House said...

I CAN NOT wait to meet that kid!