December 10, 2008

It's Not Fair!

Poor Arden. He thought he was a victim of severe injustice. I heard him wailing while I was in my office, "Mom! Why does Kenna get so many pieces of fudge?!"

I dashed out of the room to discover that I had not, after all, placed the container of fudge back in the refrigerator after I had transferred the fudge from my bread pan (which I needed for tonight's meatloaf) to another container. As there was too much fudge for the container, I had simply topped it with foil instead of a snug-fitting lid.

Leave it to our Kenna to discover something left on the kitchen island. She had dumped the contents upside down (thankfully the pieces were all in the foil, not on the floor), gotten one of her own bowls, filled it almost to overflowing with the delectable treats, and was making her way to the couch, obviously intent on cozying up with a nice holiday snack. Her clothing, hands, and face showed that she had sampled a bit before deciding to stock up.

Sorry, no pictures of this one, but I couldn't help but laugh!


the Pools said...

I always love your Kenna stories! She sure keeps you all on your toes doesn't she? :)

The Litwillers said...

That reminds me of the time I found Matthew spoon-feeding chocolate frosting into Ben's mouth.

Flogger said...

GREAT stuff! Thanks to you for sharing and Kenna for being mischievous!?!

Bob and Claire said...

LOL! That definitely sounds like something that would happen here! Especially the part about putting the fudge in her own bowl--Anna does that too! I guess that proves girls are naturally more civilized . . . LOL!