December 19, 2008

Charis's Dance Recital

The first Wednesday in December Charis's worship ballet/dance class had their first performance, which happened to be at the assisted living facility that we visit now and then. The girls did a great job. Their teacher is a teenage gal in our homeschool co-op (Bethany), and she has a passion for dance and worship. Charis has LOVED the classes and looks forward to going again after the holidays are over. The folks in the audience were quite appreciative--you can see some of them clapping. You can also see a number of little siblings running amok, which only added to the charm! This video is nearly 3 minutes long--not as short as I usually try to make our clips, but I had to get the whole song!

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The Litwillers said...

Wow! Miss Charis is one busy little girl! Good job!

We had two students (sisters) who were involved in a Christian hula group. Sounds kind of weird, but it was really neat. They always performed during the school talent show.