December 12, 2008

Baby Update

I had my 24-week check-up yesterday. Our little boy is quite active and kicked the heartbeat monitor several times, causing the tech some consternation as she tried to count beats!

There is a minor blip on an otherwise uneventful pregnancy...based on the ultrasound we had in November, one of Baby's kidneys is measuring on the high end. It's still within range, but because it's on the borderline, the doctor wants to be conservative and send me for another ultrasound in January to take some more measurements. I guess we'll go from there if it's enlarged; in the meantime, I don't really have any extra time or brain cells to devote to worrying, so I'm not going to! As she said, it's still within the normal range, and I'm glad that there will be some follow-up. The u/s is scheduled for January 14. We pray that all will look good and there will be no reason for concern at that time.


The Perrymans said...

We will pray that the ultrasound in Jan goes well. Love to you all.

Megan R. said...

Prayers that the follow-up ultrasound goes well!

Beverly said...

Thank you!!