September 02, 2008

Hoping I Don't "Kneed" Treatment

So I was going for a slow jog on Sunday, trying to get back into the routine after being sick all last week with a cold. I had run 2 miles on Saturday and felt pretty good, so I thought 2 miles on Sunday before church would work well. However, as I got started, my right knee started to feel a little sore. Weird. I've never had knee problems before...but then again, I WAS running downhill. Not fast, not hard, mind you--but still. I stopped and stretched a bit, wondering what I should do. I tried jogging again, very slowly, and it seemed OK. So I kept going. By the time I got home I had forgotten about the incident, as both my knees felt just fine.

Unfortunately, during my quiet time and throughout the morning, I began to notice that things were not fine. My knee was stiff--I couldn't completely bend or straighten it, and if I tried, it hurt. Not good. I didn't have much time at home before I had to zip to church to serve at the 9:00 service, and by the time we got home after 12:30, I was definitely limping. I iced the sore area and put some muscle cream on it...took a nap...and woke to find that it was definitely swollen. More ice, more cream, an Ace bandage, and lots of prayers--I don't have time for knee problems, Lord!!

Yesterday morning (Labor Day) it was still sore and swollen. We had plans to go to Mt. Charleston to picnic with 2 other families, and we decided to go ahead and go, as the walk to the picnic area wouldn't be any more strenuous than trying to get up the stairs in our own house. (I'll post more later about our Labor Day activities.) I iced my knee before and after our trip and wore the Ace bandage while we were out and about. I took another nap yesterday afternoon...and when I woke up...PRAISE THE LORD!! The swelling was noticeably down, and the pain was very much subdued.

I had decided that if nothing had changed by Tuesday morning (today), I would call the doctor, but things are noticeably better. I'm still trying to be careful not to bend too deeply and taking it easy on the stairs, etc., but I'm cautiously optimistic that I won't need any major therapy!! No running for me for at least the rest of the week, though I hope to walk a little here and there to keep it strengthened.

Thank you, Lord!!

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