May 07, 2008

Time for Some Kenna Videos

It's been awhile, so please indulge me. :-)

First one: The Leg Game.
Ted was making Kenna giggle by playing with her legs during dinner time. I love hearing her laugh in this clip (though it's not quite on the same level as the Balloon Game!), but even more, I love how at the end she suddenly seems to get serious and eats a cracker. :-)

Next: Little Mama Baby.
Charis dubbed Kenna "Little Mama Baby" when she was dragging around two of Charis' dolls recently. She has since become quite fascinated with the dolls and jabbers in delight when she finds one. Charis thinks it is so hilarious to see our "baby" playing with "babies!" This clip is quite short and doesn't show much of her really playing with the dolls, but you can see how she has progressed in her walking skills. I adore this stage, with the stiff legs and waddling gait! Kenna is a much happier girl these days now that she can get where she wants!

And finally: More Eggs.
This is from dinner last Sunday evening. At the beginning you can see Kenna making the sign for "more." (She was a bottomless pit this day!) Then you can see her anticipating the food to come, opening her mouth as wide as she can. Finally, you get to see our dainty little girl stuffing eggs and sausage into her mouth. The sweet little voice you hear in the background asking for more mango is Tobin. :-) I have to point that out now, because it's not often that his voice sounds sweet, as you'll learn when I have time to sit down and write his own little update!!

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