May 31, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

So I'm a week behind. :-)

Ted had both Friday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend off, which was so wonderful! Friday morning I went for a 4-mile run. Later that afternoon we all went as a family to an assisted living facility that the kids and I have been visiting weekly since around Easter. This merits its own post later on, but for now I'll say that we visited "Mr. Mel," whom we have sort of adopted. The previous week he had asked if we wanted to see his little apartment, so the kids and I wheeled him back. The place reminds me a bit of where my Grandma Millie has been. All the doors are propped open, so we had to be careful because Kenna wanted to visit everyone! Mr. Mel had begun showing us pictures of when he was in the service during WWII. I knew Ted would enjoy seeing the pictures as well, so when we found out that Ted didn't have to go to work last Friday, we changed our visit to Friday instead of Thursday. I called the Activities Director so she could let Mel know about the change.

Sure enough, he was waiting for us when we got there! We visited about an hour. It was so fascinating to see all of his pictures. He went all over the place--Africa, Italy, France, England. What a treasure his album is! I had brought a game, so the kids played checkers/Chinese checkers while Ted and I visited with Mel. Though we hadn't planned it to be so, it was the perfect activity to plan for Memorial Day weekend.

Rainy weather had moved into Las Vegas that morning, and in the evening we were treated to the rare sighting of a double rainbow right out our window! It was so amazing!

In the evening I drove to the other side of town (where it was raining even harder) to do a Stampin' Up! workshop. There were about 15 people there, many of whom had absolutely no interest in why I was there but came instead because the hostess's birthday was that week. Regardless, I went home with $400 in orders and a booking for the fall, so it went pretty well.

The next morning I headed out for a 7-mile run after it quit raining. It was GLORIOUS to be running in such cool, wet weather! That is a treat around here! I ended up at the library, where Ted and the kids had driven so we could exchange our books. We did a Sam's Club run after that, stocking up on fresh fruit and some munchies for Memorial Day.

I don't remember much about Sunday...I'm pretty sure I got a nap both Saturday and Sunday, and we enjoyed reading and playing games and just relaxing as a family.

Monday morning I got a 5-mile run in, and then we all worked to clean the house for company. The F family came over for food, fellowship, and fun, and we played a marathon 5 hours' worth of Settlers of Catan while the kids played together and watched a movie.

So, all in all, we've decided that Congress needs to pass a law mandating 4-day weekends at least once a month. :-) We enjoyed the change in pace, being able to play and rest together.


Songlee said...
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Amos said...

Sounds like lots of great activities! How awesome that you take the kids to the assisted living facility. My mom would take me with to the nursing home as a kid, and to this day I could go there anytime and be right at home. I love the stories, and especially to brighten their days. Sometimes that is the only visit those dear ones get, sad but true.

Great job on getting your running in! Keep it up! I agree with you on the cool air, but I would love the moist to go away here. Two showers a day is getting nuts with building our house. Speaking of, sorry for the marathon comment here, but with living in a Tahoe, LOL,(I feel like we live in our truck) it is few and far between for me to actually get to read everyone's updates. Ok, off to bed I go, seeing that it's already 11:39!

Songlee said...

Hello, I happened upon your blog through a Google search and found it very interesting. I plan on sharing it with my friend Lora, who also has a blogspot. I think she will enjoy it too. Very well written, by the way! I can tell you have an English degree! :)

The Litwillers said...

I had a Tupperware party like your SU! party once. It was so weird to pitch products to people who had no interest in buying them. It was for a missionary at our church and she left with loads of stuff to take on the field, so that was good, but we could have skipped the presentation entirely!