December 17, 2007


Last week we "cancelled" school because of my back, so today we did sit down and read some Sonlight assignments. In lieu of starting a new math lesson I opted to have the kids watch a favorite DVD that teaches math--it has about 4 hours' worth of lessons, and I pop it in and let them watch different segments from time to time. I'm not sure we've quite made it all the way through, but they enjoy it and are learning at the same time--and it gave me a chance to shower this morning!

I think we'll continue with our reading assignments and do Language Arts "lite," as in the workbook assignments only instead of trying to squeeze in writing and the optional activities. The kids are definitely getting learning opportunities...lots of home ec around here as we bake for the holidays and clean house!

Charis's Christmas pageant was this past weekend. I'll have to upload a video clip camera is downstairs right now and I'm not up for stair climbing for any unimportant reasons. Anyway, she did GREAT! She wasn't nervous at all. I think we may have a drama diva on our hands. Her only regret was that she didn't have more lines. Well, that and the fact that she had to wear a mic. "The REAL angel didn't have a microphone," she pouted. But it wasn't her choice to make, as all the kids with speaking parts got hooked up with a "Madonna mic," and she looked quite lovely regardless. Apparently she was ready for more drama, as she lost her top front tooth moments before the very last performance! She was thrilled, and amazingly no blood ended up on the borrowed white angel costume, for which I am grateful. This picture was taken with "Mr. Rory," the playwright and director. He heads the drama troupe at our church as well and is an amazingly talented man. He has two nearly-grown sons and told Ted and me that Charis makes him wish he and his wife had tried for a little girl!

It was a busy weekend, with dress rehearsal for 2 1/2 hours Friday night, then 5 hours at church Saturday for the 2 performances and back to church at 7:30 a.m. Sunday. Ted took Charis Sunday morning while I brought the boys and Kenna later for attending our regular service, and then I drove Arden and Charis home after the last performance. (Arden wanted to see the show again!) Then we had a late dinner and I left again for a ladies' Christmas tea at Debi's house. It was fun to fellowship with the women, and we had a nice time of desserts and a gift exchange.

Now we're down to less than a week before my parents come to town, and we are looking forward to seeing them at last. It will be the first time my dad has met Kenna, can you believe it?! She's almost 10 months old. That's what happens when you refuse to fly, I guess...yup, they're driving from Wisconsin. We're excited to have our first Christmas together since 2001.

In other news, my back is much better, though I'm not at 100%. I have not gone to a chiropractor, not because I'm opposed to it, but because I'm not sure TriCare covers it. (Any thoughts on this, Claire?) There's not one on base, and that's where all of our health care is provided from. Ted has done a great job massaging the muscles in the affected area, and I've used heat packs often as well as some medicine for pain management. I'm fairly confident that I will be back to normal within a day or two and look forward to at least going for a long walk. I've missed running.

Well, it seems that it's about that time...time to intervene between brothers squabbling and time to finish up dinner. Our sausage and bean soup is smelling yummy, and I want to throw some corn bread in the oven to go with it. Mmmm!


Bob & Claire said...

LOL, Tricare most definitely does NOT cover chiropractic care, which is why I've waited so long to try it! After my surgery in 1995 to remove my first rib, I've had such problems with my right shoulder muscles. Finally, after all the pregnancies and nursing, I just feel really, really out-of-whack, and it's starting to affect other areas, like my right hip. I'm getting a little desperate for some relief!

Around here, it seems like the first appointment is around $100, and then each subsequent adjustment is $45 or so. I'll just have to pay out-of-pocket--if I can ever settle on one, that is. I'm nervous to try it, and I really don't want someone to crack my neck around! My parents have a wonderful gentle chiropractor who has really helped them in Ohio who is with NUCCA (can't remember what it stands is the website I believe), but of course there is no one like that here in D.C. Hope you find something that gives you relief! Massage definitely is what has gotten me through these past 12 years. Is htere a massage school in your area? The students at those usually have to do massages as part of clinical practice, and they can be really cheap, but very deep and effective (not that Ted isn't great, LOL, but they might have specific techniques to really get at the problem).

Hmm, probably should have just written you an email, LOL! : )

Amos said...

My hubby has used the Chiro and we don't have coverage either. But his Chiropractor had some kind of Discount program/card thing he participated in. So that might be an option to ask about if you call around looking for one.

I worked for an orthopedic back surgeon for 5 years, and honestly I would recommend seeing if you can get into physical therapy. At least a 2 week trial anyway. I think it would do wonders since it doesn't sound like a serious back injury from what you are describing. Also, be careful on the heat. Ice is the best for the first few weeks since it constricts the blood flow to the injured area, whereas heat increases the blood flow and can sometimes make it worse. I am glad that you are doing much better and praying that you have a full recovery.