December 11, 2007

All I Want for Christmas...

We have having tooth issues in our house--good ones, that is! Kenna's bottom two teeth have FINALLY broken through. We could see them working their way up, but just this morning I could actually feel them. Strange how quickly it changes; I had been rubbing her gums throughout the day yesterday because she was pretty crabby, but it was still smooth. She is our oldest baby to get in her first teeth...Charis was right at 9 months, and Kenna will be 10 months old on Dec. 27.

And Tobin finally has his first loose tooth! While we were decorating the tree last night, he was munching on some Christmas goodies and all of a sudden started crying because he said his tooth hurt. I poked my finger in his mouth and tried wiggling said tooth, and sure enough, it moved slightly. At the news that his tooth was loose, Tobin immediately stopped crying and got such a delighted look on his face that I couldn't help but laugh! He went to bed with visions of tooth fairies dancing in his head. :-)

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