August 28, 2007

Kenna's Dedication

Sunday, August 19, was a baby dedication Sunday at our church. They do them twice a year, and the last time was January. The timing was interesting...the baby I miscarried would have been born around mid-August 2006. My emotions are weird enough without having to juxtapose conflicting life events. But I am pleased to report that Kenna's dedication was a joyful experience. How could I not be grateful for such a beautiful blessing? I will also treasure the growth I experienced and the insight into God's heart that I received throughout the trial of a miscarriage.

So without dwelling on the sad part, Kenna was one of about a dozen babies dedicated at the 10 a.m. service at Canyon Ridge Christian Church. She was remarkably happy, blowing raspberries and chattering loudly enough that we felt sure the people in the back row could hear her. But as it was an appropriate time for babies to be seen AND heard, we didn't mind. Pastor Kevin led us in the following commitment to God:

"I promise to allow God to direct my life by being committed to His Word, by spending time with Him in prayer, becoming a faithful follower of Christ, so that I may teach my child by example."

And our commitment to Kenna:
"To the best of my ability, I will keep these promises I have just made, but most of all, I promise that I will point you to God, so that one day you will understand how much you matter to Him."

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