August 27, 2007

Kenna at Night

As promised, here is the scoop on Kenna's nighttime activity.

I had resolved to try to let her cry it out at night when Ted was gone to Virginia, thinking that I could put the earplugs in and just deal with it. I had been wearing earplugs to drown out Ted's snoring, and he would eventually hear Kenna fussing and get up to pop her pacifier back in just as I was realizing she was making noise. However, I realized after the first night that I was too paranoid that I wouldn't hear her with the earplugs in and ended up not sleeping very much at all.

Night 1: Kenna got her pacifier popped in after about 5 minutes of fussing.

Night 2: Kenna got her pacifier popped in after 10 minutes of fussing.

Night 3: I gave up and nursed her so we could both go back to sleep.

So much for letting her cry it out.

However, I am pleased to report that Night 4 was a miracle!! I took Kenna with me to my ladies' evening Bible study (Beth Moore's excellent and updated/revised version of A Woman's Heart, God's Dwelling Place--I HIGHLY recommend it). The ladies prayed specifically that I would start getting some sleep and that Kenna would begin to sleep better at night. Would you believe she slept 9 hours that night?! Ahhh!!!

When Ted returned home, one of his first tasks (right after picking out his Fantasy Football players) was to purchase the mattresses needed to complete the boys' bunk bed set. We moved the boys into Tobin's room and Ted set up Kenna's crib in Arden's old room. While we do set the monitor up at night so I can hear her if she begins screaming, this has made a tremendous difference. Most times she has slept until 6 or even 7 a.m. Several times she has slept without waking at all, though a few times we have had to trek across the house to discover that her pacifier is wedged under her head. I'm not sure whether to hope she can begin putting the paci in herself or hope that she loses interest in it soon like the other kids did around 6-8 months.

Now, if we can just figure out how to prevent Ted from snoring, I think we can all begin getting some real rest...

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Ski said...

Try getting Ted's allergies treated, it helped with Meghan and she wasn't nearly as loud or keeping us up with her snoring.