January 13, 2007

Goodbye, Florida

Whew! We're home. I'm still trying to catch up, but here's a brief wrap-up post about our Florida trip. Our other trip highlights include one more trip to the beach, a visit to the acquarium, and a day at Dinosaur World. Along winding trails there were life-sized replicas of tons of different types of dinosaurs. Of course, the paint jobs were from the artists' imagination, but it made for a colorful display of ancient creatures. The only bad thing was the hot and humid weather, which made for some cranky kids at times. But they did seem to enjoy the fossil dig, during which they were given a little sieve and allowed to dig for real fossils. They each got to pick 3 to keep, though Tobin decided he didn't want to keep any. (Who knows what goes through that boy's head?!) They also had fun on the playground and in the "boneyard," where they "excavated" a dinosaur skeleton. You can see Ted and Arden being T-Rexes here in this photo. (Tobin was not in the mood to have his picture taken!)

So now we're home. The kids are enjoying being back in their own rooms (no sharing space or beds anymore!) and being "reunited" with their toys. It's like everything's new again. I, for one, am looking forward to starting school next week, as we haven't done anything "official" for nearly a month now! It's not as if the kids completely stopped learning, though...lots of great stuff to see and do in Florida, and we all read a ton of books. Still, it will be nice to get back into the home school routine and be a bit more purposeful about some things we've put on the back burner for awhile.

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