January 24, 2007

Cute Stuff

I didn't want to forget this...

Tonight I was tucking Tobin in bed, and he told me he liked my necklace. I told him it was a gift from Daddy when he worked overseas for a little while. That led to a discussion of just where Daddy had worked, and for some reason Tobin decided that he'd like to live on a little tiny island (which is NOT where Ted had worked, so I'm not sure how this train of thought came about).

I said, "Well, you never know! With Daddy's job, maybe someday we could move to an island."

Tobin thought about that for a moment. Then his eyes lit up, and he said, "I want to move to heaven!"

Ah, yes, the PCS to end all PCSes!

(For my non-military friends...PCS = Permanent Change of Station, i.e. moving.)


Arden's newest prefix is "Un." As in, the "unpartment" that we stayed in while we visited Florida, and the "unraser" at the end of a pencil.


I don't have any cute sayings from Charis at the moment, but a current tidbit about her is that she has been waking a bit earlier than usual and reading her Bible on her own in the mornings!! I'm so proud of her and thrilled that she is so excited about this activity. I hope and pray it will begin a lifetime of loving God's Word.

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Flogger said...

Good for Charis and ditto on your thoughts that she continue in The Word for life! She puts many of us (at least me) to shame!!!