August 03, 2006

Post #100!

WOW! This is my 100th blog entry! I was going to write about something else entirely, but I decided that this momentous occasion should be marked and celebrated. ;-) So, in honor of the 100 Mark, I give you a list of 100s...

* Temperatures in Las Vegas during the summer--WELL over 100 degrees, consistently!

* Number of ants that made their way into my dining room this morning--at least 100.

* Number of ants that didn't make it back outside--89, give or take a few.

* Pairs of wet underwear + pairs of wet shorts + a few random shirts that have gotten hosed during potty training boot camp--seemingly 100s and 100s, but in reality probably not quite that many.

* Number of stamping crazy women like myself who are currently in my group--97, soon to be 100, I'm sure!

* Number of library books we have checked out in the last few months--well over 100.

* Number of bounces before Mommy gets sick on the new trampoline--not even close to 100.

* Number of bounces before the kids get tired of being on the trampoline--at least 100 a piece.

* Money spent on gas for our vehicles in the last month--$100 times 2, for a low estimate.

* Amount of grocery money we allot for our family each week--$100. (Thanks to the commissary, we really do keep pretty much to our budget!)

* Number of ink pads plus ink refills that I own--over 100. (Yikes!)

* Number of times I have said "I really NEED to get working on our scrapbooks!" over the summer--close to 100.

* Number of emails I had waiting for me when I returned from Convention--100 exactly.

* Length of a perfect nap, in my opinion--100 minutes. (OK, 90 will do.)

* Number of seconds it has been quiet in my house--100...OK, probably more, but silence doesn't last long around here, even when it IS supposed to be nap time!

* Number of pieces in the biggest puzzle Arden has done by himself--100.

* Number of books Charis has read on her own this summer--at least 100.

* Number of reading lessons Tobin has completed with me--50 out of 100--halfway there!

OK! I'll stop there for now. Anyone else have any "100s" to share? Leave a comment! :-)

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Bob & Claire said...

LOL, I loved your list! I can relate to many of those 100's! : ) We had one of those days the other day when it felt like I had 100 children running around here, instead of just 5--does that count?!