August 12, 2006

And a Few More Pictures

OK, this kind of catches you up on some of our summer highlights! As usual, you can click on an image to see a larger version of these pictures. Enjoy!

We stopped a Shoshone Falls, just outside of Twin Falls, on our way to Mountain Home, Idaho, on our trip in June. We didn't spend a lot of time here, as it was right at lunchtime and we didn't have enough food for a picnic. But the kids did enjoy the waterfall, and we quickly found a KFC afterwards! It was a nice little side trip.

Charis and Arden get a ride on The Mighty Moose, aka Grandpa Ed, during set-up for Commission 2006. Though shy at first, the kids soon warmed up to "Grandma Rose and Grandpa Ed," who really are like family to us!

On the Saturday after Commission it's tradition for the staff to drive to the Bruneau Sand Dunes (where the youth and counselors camp) to say farewell to the kids, take pictures, etc. We had a bit of a head start and chose to take some time to climb one of the smaller dunes with the kids. You can't tell from these pictures how far of a climb it really was! But it's a pretty view at the top, and the kids LOVED the sand!

Here's Tobin on his way up the dune!

On our way home from Idaho we spent a night in Salt Lake City. We decided to take the kids bowling on base (Hill AFB) to pass some time in the evening. They LOVED it...we hadn't taken them bowling for probably almost a year. This time Arden was even big enough to participate, though he was most anxious for his turn and had a hard time waiting!

Rhonda, Ted's mom, visited us the last week in July. Unfortunately, we didn't take many pictures, but this one of her with the kids outside of Chile's, where we ate the evening we took her back to the airport, turned out so cute!

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Ski said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing them. Sounds like you are keeping busy! The kids are getting so big. I would love one of the whole family, the last one of all of you was taken before Arden was born. The girls love to look at it and have us name the people in the picture.