October 06, 2005

Keeping Busy...

I had hoped to get some background posts on here but have fallen "behind" where I thought I might be by now! Ted is very busy doing his intel thing, and I am knee-deep in kid activities. I thought I was going to pull my hair out tonight when we got home from AWANA and we had to just about peel both boys off the ceiling, they were so hyper! All is quiet now, though; guess they finally conked out...as I'm hoping to do myself within minutes!

If you're reading this and know Ted, please keep him in your prayers. He specifically asked me to pray for his attitude about work to be godly. I personally am praying that Christ will shine through him and that he might be able to testify of God's grace to someone who needs to hear about it.

And prayers for the children and me wouldn't hurt, either! :-) We've had mostly good times, but you know how it goes. I'm grateful that we have a semi-predictable schedule now with home schooling, MOPS, play group, and church, and I feel that I know enough people that I could call on if I want to get out of the house because I need a break.

Well, I guess my log of the start to our first year of home schooling will have to wait. I must get to bed before I fall off this chair!


Melissa said...

We love reading what you and the rest of the family is up to! I hope the next few weeks go by fast and I'll be praying for both you and Ted. God bless - Dave, Melissa, & Baby Taylor (not really a baby anymore, she's 14 months! boo hoo)

Bob & Claire said...

Love the name! : )