October 24, 2005

The Duck Pond

A couple of days ago a friend brought her daughter over, and together we drove to a nearby state park. We had been saving bread scraps for awhile, and the children were eager to feed the ducks. We had planned this outing originally for a couple of weeks ago, a field trip of sorts with another group of moms and children, but since we were having some home repairs done that day, it didn't work out. But Saturday dawned bright and beautiful (the weather here in Vegas has been wonderful!), and we enjoyed getting out and exploring a small part of the park.

Our first "customer" was actually a peacock. Tobin was so fascinated by the bird that he dumped out the entire contents of his bread bag on the ground in front of him. We rescued the majority of the buns and were able to spread the wealth as we walked around the pond some more.

The ducks seemed rather coy, not at all like the ducks at the pond I remember frequenting with my family as I grew up. Those ducks fairly attacked us when we arrived with our bread bags in hand. However, on Saturday we didn't even have one duck leave the water! Dana and I tossed bits of bread as far out into the water as we could...the kids mostly littered the shore with crumbled bits, calling, "Quack! QUACK! Come here, Duck!"

We ended up feeding about half of our bread to a flock of birds, who were more than happy to entertain us as they gobbled up every crumb in sight. By this point Tobin had apparently had enough with the sharing already...I caught him stuffing his little cheeks with his remaining bread!

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